Kidult and Co Co Founders Creative Business Of The Year

Co Founders (From Left to Right)

Melissa, Emily & Laura

Photograph Credit: Liz Henson Photography


R-Awards 2016

Creative Business Of The Year Award

Part-Time Business: Highly Commended

Valley At Work: Highly Commended


Established in 2015 by three friends, Kidult & Co is a British designed Clothing and lifestyle brand for little ones with attitude.

With a simple monochrome colour pallet and gender-neutral designs, their clothing aims to stamp out the stereotypical clothing already available on the market, and provide an edgy alternative, whilst maintaining quality and style.


Melissa, Laura and Emily are the girls behind the brand. All three are fresh out of university with each of them bringing different attributes to the business. Their backgrounds in Web Design, Fashion Brand Management, Marketing, Art and Graphic Design have been the basis, strength and knowledge behind the startup of Kidult and Co.

All three girls are from The Rossendale Valley in Lancashire, which is based in the North West of England, and where the majority of their clothing is produced. Keeping the manufacture local not only keeps the brand personal to them, but also enables them to give work back to their community.

Kidult and Co was born with a conversation over coffee, reminiscing about childhood and how they used to be ‘Tom Boys’, which still sometimes shines through in their style today, not every girl wants the fancy dress, hence their choice to keep their clothing gender neutral. ­

Not wanting to be seen as just another faceless brand, Kidult and Co use Instagram as a platform to build relationships and interact with their customers where possible. They are all about the personal touch, from communication to sending out the final package.